Why you should go on a Study Tour??

A lot of people think that Educational Travel is just a fancy name for a sightseeing tour but in reality, a well-organized and carefully planned tour with sightseeing and hands-on learning opportunities can be really beneficial for the students. In simple words, a study tour is a unique travel experience that combines learning with traveling. Excursia Tours conduct International Study Tours for students, with the aim of providing exposure & experience that helps them to get first-hand information regarding the cultures and customs followed in different countries. The tours have an academic focus wherein the students have the opportunity to visit a university, attend a lecture, seminar or workshop. The lectures are conducted by subject matter expert of the University. The lectures comprise information on the University and education on a pre-decided topic(s) for the students. In the end, the students are presented with the “Certificate of Participation” by the concerned authority from the university.

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During the tour, the students get an opportunity to visit various companies/government organizations/start-ups, museums, etc. To get a feel of business trends and culture of that country. The industrial visits give students insight into how the companies in a particular sector operate.

Some Key Benefits of Study Tours/ Educational Tours are:

  • Students can actually visit the places they have learnt about in classrooms.
  • Students will get a chance to learn about the history and architecture of the different places.
  • University visits, School visits will provide them a good knowledge about the working of educational systems in those countries. Also to network, commute, know the opportunities, soft skills and discipline.
  • Students will learn about the lifestyle, culture and language.
  • Study Tour will provide them a real-world experience.
  • A real world experience will boost their confidence which will help them in their lives.
  • Study Tour experiences will be really beneficial for their future studies.

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Want A Tour With Us ?