We at Excursia Tours Private Limited strive to give the mainstream concepts of traveling our own distinctive touch. Deriving the name “Excursia” – a Russian word meaning “Excursions”, we are an organization specializing in leisure and international educational tours. These tours are conceptualized and executed by a team that is well-versed in several foreign languages and has first-hand travel experience.

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  • Unique International Tours
  • International educational tours for students to learn languages and experience cultural insights that guide them into new, unexplored career avenues.
  • Language learning tours and Industrial visits to Germany, France, Spain, Russia, and Japan.
  • Leisure tours to Russia, Europe, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltics, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Dubai, etc.
  • Personalized tours catering to your needs and budget.
  • Corporate tours


Mr. Mayuresh Kulkarni
Mr. Mayuresh Kulkarni
A Mechanical engineer with a passion for languages, Mayuresh is well-versed in the German language and holds a Master’s degree in the Russian language. He is successfully running a translation agency for the last 11 years along with 7 years of experience in the Tourism Industry. A resourceful, vibrant and enthusiastic presence, Mayuresh is certainly an asset to the team.
Mr. Yogesh Patil
Mr. Yogesh Patil
Originally an MBA in Marketing, the passion for languages pulled Yogesh towards the Russian language. After education from Pushkin Institute, Moscow, Russia, Yogesh has been a Russian interpreter. An avid traveler who has trodden paths across Europe and Russia, his abundant store of knowledge and unique field experiences is a USP for the organization.

Want A Tour With Us ? 

Want A Tour With Us ?